One of my biggest pet-peeves in Flex is the apparent lack of tweening support for device fonts.

Let’s say you have a container with a couple of text components, and the text components are all using device fonts. If you try to apply a Fade effect, for example, to animate the alpha property of the container from opaque to transparent, the text will not animate.

This leaves you with a couple of text components that appear to have broken free from the confines of their container. This is anarchy.

So how do we apply tweening effects to text components using device fonts? Apply filters to them.

Let’s return to the example above. If you apply a filter to each of the text components (such as a BlurFilter) before you apply the Fade effect, the device fonts will animate beautifully with the rest of the container.

myLabel.filters = [new BlurFilter ()];

Once your effect is complete, you can remove the filter (if necessary).

myLabel.filters = [];

It’s that easy.