Every once in a while Eclipse decides to go and be a little shit and repeatedly ask you for your SVN password, despite the fact that it’s already been saved.

For me, this started when an SVN server went down for a nanosecond and Eclipse obviously thought I’d wronged it somehow. From then on, every time I interacted with SVN I was prompted for my credentials.

After some Googling, I came across this article, which offered up the brilliantly simple suggestion of deleting the Eclipse keyring.

Spoilers – it worked. However the article is a few years old and Eclipse has since changed how they store password data.

Here’s what to delete on OS X, for Eclipse Indigo (3.7.x):


You should make a backup just in case, but the next time Eclipse asks for your SVN password you should notice that both fields (username and password) are blank now, and if you save the credentials this time they’ll stay saved.