Let’s be honest: localizing the UI text in an application is pretty easy.

Add all the strings you plan to display to a properties file or a value object and simply reference them in your UI components.

But what about the components that have information known only at runtime, such as a username or the current date? How should they be handled?

There are two ways. The first way is stupid and complicated. The second is completely awesome. Let’s start with the stupid way:

1) Create strings for each static segment of a dynamic piece of text

For example, if you wanted to display a simple greeting in your application, such as “Hi [some user] ! Welcome to [some application] !” it would look like this:

public var greeting1 : String = "Hi ";
public var greeting2 : String = "! Welcome to ";
public var greeting3 : String = "!";

<mx:Label text="{greeting1 + username + greeting2 + appName +
    greeting3}" />

Gross, isn’t it?

This brings us to the better (and totally awesome) way:

2) Use regular expressions to replace dynamic information at runtime

Let’s look at the same example using regular expressions:

public static const USERNAME_PATTERN : RegExp = /USERNAME/;
public static const APP_NAME_PATTERN : RegExp = /APP_NAME/;

public var greeting : String = "Hi USERNAME! Welcome to APP_NAME!";

<mx:Label text="{greeting.replace (APP_NAME_PATTERN, appName).replace
    (USERNAME_PATTERN, username)}" />

Isn’t that beautiful?

Although using regular expressions involves creating a RegExp pattern for each piece of dynamic information, the benefit is that the locale data can be changed without having to recompile the application.

For example, say you wanted to change the simple greeting to something like: “Welcome to [some application], [some user] !”.

Using text segments, you would not only have to change the locale data, you would have to reorder the variables in the Label component and recompile the application.

Using regular expressions, you would simply need to change the locale data. Depending on your setup, you might not even need to reload your application!

Regular Expressions + Locale Data = Happy Applications šŸ™‚